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Relationship Issues

Relationships are not easy. Spouses, children, parents, coworkers, neighbors. We all have times we wish we could just talk to someone to check things out. Our own ability to be successful is influenced by the quality of our relationships.


This is an age of AIDS, STD's and questions about healthy sexuality. The quality of the personal relationship influences and is influenced by the quality of the sexual relationship.

Stress and Anger

The newspapers are filled with stories of people losing their cool. One study found workplace anger is at the highest level in 10 years! The stress and pressure of modern life challenge our ability to function.  If you are on the edge, it is time to find a way to drop the pressure.

Grief and Loss

Recovering from a loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship is difficult. We have a culture which expects people to "just move on." Sometimes we need help to heal. A supportive, understanding environment is used to renew the balance surrounding our grief without becoming overwhelmed.

Divorce Transition

The ending of a relationship can be acutely painful. Meeting with each person is an opportunity to discuss issues and attempts to come to a resolution to avoid the costly and prolonged process of litigation.  The children in divorce need the opportunity to share and understand the influences this event will have on their lives.

Personality Evaluations

The professional staff of Life Dynamics is highly skilled, having conducted over 200 personality evaluations in various settings, including court ordered personality assessments. This service includes administering and interpreting psychological tests. Staff are available to provide expert testimony and offer second opinions.

Parenting Skills

Being a parent is the toughest job most of us will ever have. Being a father during times of change from traditional roles can be even harder. Life Dynamics helps to focus on the strengths and skills of each member of the family to improve the parenting relationship.

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