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 Mediation is a conference between two or more disputing parties facilitated by a third party neutral in effort to resolve the dispute to the satisfaction of those involved. 

It is considered to be a form of alternative dispute resolution which avoids litigation. 



  • Better results - since mediation keeps the parties directly involved in the negotiations, the parties can make sure that an agreement or settlement is satisfactory.

  • Less damage to the relationship -  litigation tends to deepen hostility. Mediation creates the opportunity for an improved working-relationship.

  • Less expense - The parties share the mediator's fee.  For example, a typical mediated divorce costs around $1,500 in professional fees, a traditional divorce -with lawyers - costs around $10,000 in professional fees.

  • Freedom from legal biases - many people who deal with the legal system discover that it it biased against them. Men and women both tend to experience the legal system this way. Mediation allows you to address your unique situation in the way that feels most fair to both of you.

We provide mediation services in the following potential dispute areas: 


Employment                          Discrimination

Family                                        Personal Injury

Insurance                                  Business and Community

Human Resources                                Probate

Neighbor & Boundary Disputes


For contract information and fees for Life Dynamics, Inc. Mediation Services,

please contact us via the contact page or telephone.

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