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The goal of parental consulting is to allow the child to have a relationship with both parents without feeling “caught in the middle” or having to

take on one parent’s “side.” 

Parents who have ended their marital relationship (or were never in a marital relationship) face a number of challenges in raising their children.  Parental consulting is a process where by parents minimize conflict between themselves to develop the better interest of their child.  Parental consultation seeks to avoid what Max Baer, an administrative law judge notes, “Kids become the victims of ‘friendly fire,’ each parent shoots them, intending to hit the other parent.”


The Parental Consultant is a psychologist with expertise in family dynamics and child development.  The role of the Parenting Consultant is to assist the parents to focus on and be attentive to the best interest of the child.  The goal is to help create a family structure where both homes are a safe and functional place for the children.

Reduction of Conflict 

Parental consulting emphasizes a cooperative process rather than the adversarial nature of litigation.


Using a parental consultant is often less costly than a drawn out litigation process.


Meeting with a parental consultant can often be arranged more quickly than meetings with lawyers and creating court dates.

Increased Communication Parents and children have confidence that their concerns and wishes are fully heard and acknowledged.

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